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Alpe-Adria-Trail: National Park Package

10 days / self-guided tour with luggage transport.
The Hohe Tauern National Park: Hiking on the Alpe-Adria-Trail through the largest National Park of the Alps.

The beauty of new beginnings: Take the first steps of your hiking journey at the true starting point of the Alpe Adria Trail – at the foot of the Grossglockner, Austria’s highest mountain, in the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Eight stunning sections of the trail take you through picturesque landscapes, from the frozen planes of the Pasterze Glacier to the ancient site of worship on the Danielsberg mountain.

  • 9 nights in a quality-approved partner establishment
  • meals: dinner and breakfast
  • 08 selected trail stages
  • luggage transfer (per guest 1 piece max. 20kg)
  • shuttle and return transfers with the Alpe-Adria-Trail Mobility Services (Share Taxi)
  • Alpe-Adria-Trail tour documents and one trail souvenir

Alpe-Adria-Trail stage01: From the Kaiser-Franz-Josef`s Höhe to Heiligenblut
Alpe-Adria-Trail stage01: From the Kaiser-Franz-Josef`s Höhe to Heiligenblut




Day 1:

Arrive in Heiligenblut by your chosen means of travel.
Arrival at your first place of accommodation and receipt of all tour documents.

Day 2:

Stage 01: Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Hoehe to Heiligenblut
The first stage of the Alpe-Adria-Trail begins at an altitude of 2.370 metres, amidst a breathtaking high-alpine landscape. At the foot of Austria´s highest mountain, the Grossglockner (3.798m), the trail almost touches on the icy stream of the Pasterze, the
largest glacier of the Eastern Alps. From here it winds its way downwards to the famous mountain village of Heiligenblut, with its magnificent pilgrimage church. Further highlights of this stage include the Briccius chapel, where the legend of Heiligenblut began, and an exciting panorama platform offering spectacular views towards Heiligenblut. Stage 01 undoubtedly counts among the most spectacular day-hikes of the Alpe Adria Trail!
(Duration: 5.5 hours, length: 13.1km, difference in altitude: ˄173m, ˅1.267m)

Day 3:

Stage 02: Heiligenblut to Doellach (Grosskirchheim)
Stage 02 of the Alpe-Adria-Trail takes you from Heiligenblut to the ancient gold-mining village of Grosskirchheim. This is a relatively short day – giving you plenty of time to be enchanted by the scenic mountain-farm landscape and unforgettable panoramic views across the alpine wilderness of the Hohe Tauern National Park. As you pass through the tiny village of Apriach, look out for its remarkable 'Stockmuehlen' – a dozen traditional mills built into the towering rock-face where farmers have ground their grain into flour for hundreds of years. Along with the sun-darkened farm-houses and wild flower meadows, they make for an outstanding backdrop, so don't forget your camera and take your time to enjoy!
(Duration: 4.5 hours, length: 11.8km, difference in altitude: ˄490m, ˅787m)

Day 4:

Stage 03: Doellach to Marterle
This stage is divided into two main parts. To begin with, the even trail takes you along the Moell river. You may like to take a small detour to visit the delightful Gartl waterfall, where you will also find a relaxing resting area. Once you have reached the village of Moertschach, the second part of your hike begins as you follow a fairly steep, ancient pilgrims path to your final destination of the day: the 'Marterle' – Austria's highest pilgrimage church. And what a destination this is: its incredible spectrum of scenic views spans from the glaciers of the Glockner group and the jagged rocks of the Tyrolean Dolomites all the way to the 'empire of silence' – the Kreuzeck mountains.
(Duration: 7.0 hours, length: 18.4km, difference in altitude: ˄1.159m, ˅347m)

Day 5:

Stage 04: Marterle to Stall
Also one of the less taxing sections of your journey – giving you a welcome chance to save your strength for the following days, where you will be walking some of the longest stages of the entire trail! For now, however, you can enjoy a mostly down-hill path along another ancient pilgrim route: setting out from the 'Marterle' church, you follow the trail through romantic alpine meadows and cooling forests, directly to the remote village of Stall in the Moell Valley.
(Duration: 4.5 hours, length: 11.1km, difference in altitude: ˄119m, ˅1.101m)

Day 6:

Stage 05: Stall to Innerfragant/Flattach
This is a genuinely long hike! Make sure you set out early for this eight-hour trek. However, you will be rewarded with stunningly diverse scenery as you make your way through a history-steeped alpine landscape. From the village of Stall, the trail winds its way up the steep but beautiful Sonnberg ('Sunny Mountain'), taking you directly to the alpine zone. Having passed two welcoming mountain huts, you reach the highlight of this route: the 'Rollbahn' – the remnants of a horse-drawn railway track, originally built (complete with tunnels and bridges) in order to advance the area's copper mining industry. Today it makes for a fantastic, entirely flat and easy hiking path. The day finishes with a fairly steep descent down to the mountain village of Innerfragrant.
(Duration: 7.5 hours, length: 17.7km, difference in altitude: ˄1.1185, ˅957m)

Day 7:

Stage 06: Innerfragant/Flattach to Mallnitz
You have another long hiking day ahead of you! It starts with a walk through a flat and shady mountain valley, taking you to the tourist village of Flattach. This is followed by a longer and more strenuous ascent to the alpine 'Staneralm' pastures. By the time you have reached the unique 'Himmelbauer' ('Heaven's Farmer') Tavern for a cool drink, you truly might feel that you are in heaven. The remaining route descends all the way down to the village of Mallnitz, a traditional mountaineers' village known as the 'Alpine Pearl' of the National Park.
(Duration: 8.0 hours, length: 22.4km, difference in altitude: ˄1.168m, ˅1.081m

Day 8:

Stage 07: Mallnitz to Obervellach
After two extensive trekking days, you can unwind on this shorter, spectacularly beautiful stage of the trail. This stunning route first takes you to the Stappitzer See, a picturesque mountain lake set within a breathtaking alpine landscape. From there you follow the path into the gorge of the Mallnitz river – a safe yet thrilling route which leads you through the gorge with its cascading waterfalls, rock-faces and water-pools. Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the entire Alpe-Adria Trail, the path eventually takes you to the historical market square of Obervellach.
(Duration: 6.0 hours, length: 17.8km, difference in altitude: ˄238m, ˅738m)

Day 9:

Stage 08: Obervellach to Danielsberg
On your last hiking day, you can once again enjoy the fine panoramic views on the sunny side of the Moell Valley. Half-way along this stage, you will pass the fairy-tale castle of Falkenstein, a truly magical place. From there it is not far to the final destination of your hiking journey: the mythical, holy mountain of Danielsberg. It is here that the region's human history began more than 5,000 years ago with the Celts, followed by the Romans who chose this location for a temple dedicated to Hercules. The Christians eventually built a small Romanesque church directly on the summit of this tiny yet remarkable mountain. This is a sacred, energy-charged site and a worthy final destination of your hiking adventure!
(Duration: 5.5 hours, length: 12.9km, difference in altitude: ˄841m, ˅559m)

Day 10:

Shuttle-transfer back to Heiligenblut, provided by the Alpe-Adria-Trail Mobility Service. Independent departure.

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