Town hall "Bruderlade"

Back in the times of gold mining the town hall was inhabited by the Schlaminger family, who ranked among the most influential mine operators in the Möll Valley, not only in Obervallach, but also in Teuchl and Innerfragant.
When gold mining decreased in the second half of the 16th century, many operators were in a precarious financial situation, and in 1580 Christoph Schlaminger had to sell his house to the Obervellach authorities.

The building has ever since accommodated the Obervellach town hall. Schlaminger had owed money to the so-called Bruderlade (Introduced in 1537 in order to collect money for social purposes; every month miners had to pay a Kreuzer per Gulden as a kind of social security contribution), a social institution that supported miners and their families in case of accidents or disease.

The courtyard features three gates with ogival arches (a stylistic element of the late Gothic period). Also note the corbels of massive stone.

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