Faul- oder Fallturm

First mentioned in 1326, the Faulturm tower at "Chuogl" (in a hillside setting at Mullileiten) accommodated the Görz vassals. Later on it was owned by the Counts of Ortenburg and Cilli.
Following the Peace Treaty of Pusarnitz (1460), Emperor Friedrich III. enfeoffed the Obervellach Khünburger dynasty with the tower, which later belonged to Trabuschgen castle. In the 16th and 17th centuries the tower served as a jail. Parts of it have been preserved up to the present day, such as a semi-circular gate on the first floor and remains of an open fireplace and window seats.

Another tower dating from the Görz dynasty was integrated in the parsonage in 1500.,

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Familie Köck
9821 Obervellach

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