Tauern Gold exhibition in the Putzenhof

Mythos Gold: Das Tauerngold ist zurückgekehrt
Mythos Gold: Das Tauerngold ist zurückgekehrt

Discover a superb treasure and trace the threads of a fascinating myth. It’s the first time that the major hoards of the Hohe Tauern have been collected together in one place. This treasure harbours the secret of the Region’s golden magic, and conveys the mystique and fascination of days long gone.

The “Gold Myth” exhibition is on show in the Putzenhof in Grosskirchheim. The building is 500 years old and was the gold miners’ “Gewerkenhaus” (assembly house). This magical place, with its fascinating history, lends the golden treasures very special atmospherics.

Amongst the golden treasures are these:
* the largest Carinthian gold nugget
* rare free gold layers from the Hohe Tauern
* gold in all its fascinating, natural forms
* Roman gold bars
* The “gold of antiquity”: Bronze Age gold amulets, Celtic and Roman gold jewellery, gold objects from the Middle Ages, etc.

Opening hours & prices

Nationalpark Kärnten Card

In summer (mid of June till mid of October): 10am to 6pm
In winter: from 6pm

€ 5,00/adult | € 4,00/child

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