St. Martin’s Parish Church in Obervellach

Triptych by Jan von Scorl, in Obervellach parish church
Triptych by Jan von Scorl, in Obervellach parish church

Why not combine a stroll through the romantic mountain town of Obervellach with a visit to the splendid parish church of St. Martin? Allow yourself to fall under the spell of its impressive architecture and the precious works of art in the church interior.
This late Gothic building was constructed in the heyday of precious-metal mining in the Obervellach area, between about 1490 and 1514. The appearance of its exterior is defined by the seven-storey tower with its spire and the soaring buttresses.

Amongst the highlights of the interior of this splendid building are:
* the star-ribbed vaulting of the nave
* the net-ribbed vaulting in the choir
* the fresco of the “Fourteen Holy Helpers” with a representation of the crucifixion (1509)
* the Mount of Olives relief (late 15th century)
* the monumental representation of the Last Judgment (2nd half of the 16th century)
* the altarpieces by the Dutch artist Jan von Scorel

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St. Martin’s Parish Church in Obervellach St. Martin’s Parish Church in Obervellach


Pfarramt Obervellach
Obervellach 66
A- 9821 Obervellach, Österreich

Tel.: +43(4782)2243
Fax: +43(4782)2243



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