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The most beautiful National Park trails

The Hohe Tauern National Park is the largest protected area in the Alps. It’s an island of ecological diversity in the heart of Europe – and one of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth! Our concern is to bring you closer to this natural world of wonders, whilst filling your holiday with unforgettable first-hand experiences.

Auf geht´s: Zu den schönsten Nationalpark-Themenwege!
Auf geht´s: Zu den schönsten Nationalpark-Themenwege!

Our most beautiful National Park nature trails:

Gamsgruben trail – Panorama trail under the spell of the Großglockner
Pasterze Glacier trail – Following the tracks of the Ice Age
Tauernfenster Geo trail – Hiking trail above the clouds
Astner Moos nature trail – Around the natural monument
Dösen Valley Block Glacier trail – Hidden gem of the Hohe Tauern
Seebach Valley nature trail – In the valley of the bearded vultures
Elend Valleys circular tour – One of the most beautiful vantage points in the Alps

Our tip: on tour with the Rangers!
Our National Park Rangers are the indisputable experts on the Hohe Tauern National Park. Superbly trained and all of them with firm roots in the region’s valleys, they know every corner of the National Park, no matter how well hidden.

As a guest you have the unique option of booking a highly trained National Park Ranger for a whole day, or simply taking part in the current National Park summer programme. Our Rangers will plan a customised expedition into the National Park for you and take you to rushing waterfalls, to the largest glacier in the Eastern Alps – Austria’s own Pasterze – or to places where you can still watch wildlife in close-up.

- The National Park summer programme: the guided tours of your dreams in the protected area
- "Ranger for Rent": your individual, tailor-made tour in the company of a professional guide
(€ 200 for one day)

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